Breaking News Egypt On The Verge Of A Civil War

Egyptians are proud of their Military

Despite the shocking title of the article, but this would have been exactly the breaking news about Egypt if the Egyptian Military did not meet with the demands of more than 33 million Egyptian Protesters. They went out in the squares all over the country from the 21st of June 2013 till the 3rd of July 2013.

Every day since the 30th of June 2013 Revolution, I regularly read the news in the International news Medias. All I see in there, is just their repeatedly broken record of  “Egypt’s Military Coup”. So, I thought to imagine what would have been the scenario, if the Egyptian Military did not meet with Millions of Protesters demands, what could have possibly happened in Egypt? What was it that the world were expecting from the Egyptian Military to do in confronting millions of angry protesters in Egypt?

Tahrir Square 30 June 2013 Revolution in Egypt

I was one of the Egyptians who participated in the 30th of June 2013 revolution, I had the chance to meet with many Egyptians from different Political currents. All Egyptians who revolted on the 30th of June 2013, have totally put their political currents aside, and got united on just one purpose, which was to live Social Justice, Freedom and get their dignity back, and get their country back, which was hijacked by the Muslim Brotherhood Regime.

We were not just revolting for a couple of hours or days, we went out revolting, risked our own lives, to free our country from the Brotherhood’s Occupation, and we were not going back, until we liberate our country.

30th of june 2013 revolution in egypt against brotherhood fascist regime

We were angry, we were so angry from injustice, oppression and the random arresting and killing against Brotherhood’s opponents, which was intensively practiced by Brotherhood Militias all over the country. We were angry of the injustice and the barefaced corruption and crimes committed by Brotherhood Regime, in seeing the real criminals and defendants free and live a happily life, while the real victims were either in prisons or in graves!!!

Moreover, I personally and many others of my friends and neighbors, when we used to go out in the streets, we were harassed by  those Islamist Extremists in the streets, since Brotherhood reached power, and they were telling us, you better wear the Islamic Costume and cover your hair, or you are soon going to lose your head, and you better realize for your own sake, who is in charge and in power of Egypt now!!!!

In addition to the harassment in the streets specially against women, there was another harassment and direct threatens in the Islamist Extremists Media, including the official media channel of Muslim Brotherhood “Misr 25 Channel“, which was on a daily basis, the local speech which Brotherhood were addressing inside Egypt, was totally the opposite to the International speech, they were addressing to the World and to the International News medias! It was sick, disgusting and terrifying to hear these incitement speeches to hate and to kill anyone and everyone who is Anti-Brotherhood Regime, publicly announced on a daily basis! It was really sick to hear incitements to hate and to attack Christians and churches, because as Extremists were claiming, Egypt is Islamist country and not Christians country!

It was really disgusting to see young students girls in schools and in the Metros, getting their hair cut by Sisterhood Extremists teachers and supporters, because they were not wearing veils in schools! It was sick  to read in the Newspapers about a young man got killed by some Extremists because he was standing in the street with a young lady, who was not his wife, so they simply killed the guy!!! the dark ages shadows that were dragging Egypt to the Middle ages: Telling you that every thing is prohibited, Art is prohibited, Opera is prohibited, culture and knowledge are prohibited, Internet was going  to be prohibited, claiming that they don’t want the new young generation to watch sexual scenes on You tube, even that we all know that there is something called parental control on the internet!!!…etc. Brotherhood hijacked Education, Culture, Medias..etc, and were turning all the Egyptian Civilization of 7000 years old, to real dark ages!!!

egyptians revolution aganist muslim brotherhood regime

When you get that bitterness feeling of what am I going to lose more than what I have already lost? what is the purpose of being alive, when someone takes your dignity away from you and force you to live in your own country with humiliation, and if you dislike it or refuse it, they tell you, the door is wide opened, get out and live in another country, because Egypt is a part of the Brotherhood Islamic World Empire! And if you think that you have any rights in your own country, it is to remain silent and obey the ruler of the country, who is God’s and Islam’s representative on Earth, as they used to publicly announce in their medias!

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The revolt against Brotherhood regime was not just because Mohamed Morsi and his Government were  failing in ruling the country, it was more than that, it was a revolt against changing the identity of  a 7000 years old Egypt, to another Egyptistan ruled by another TALIBAN!!!

We were not afraid of revolting, even that every time we used to go in the squares revolting against Brotherhood regime, we were getting attacked by Armed Brotherhood supporters, but this have never stopped us from continuing the path we have chosen, even if it was going to cost us our own lives.

it is a revolution and not a military coup

The worst day of Egyptians life, was on the 2nd of July 2013, which was the last speech of Mohamed Morsi “ousted president”. We were in the square of Etihadeya Presidential Palace in Cairo, listening to his speech, hoping till the last minute, that the President will come up with a moderate positive speech to absorb the anger of protesters, saying that he will fulfill and meet with his own people’s demands, specially that we were not asking for the impossible!

We were really hoping to hear that positive speech, Egyptians are so kind and friendly by their nature, a kind word or a tender hand, can easily make them forget and forgive and look forward for tomorrow, to build our country and turn it to a great modern real civil and democratic one. But the President’s speech was not just disappointing, it was actually SHOCKING, and made us even more angrier against his regime!

more than 33 million Egyptians participated in the 30th of June 2013 Revolution

The more Brotherhood and Mohamed Morsi were acting stupidly stubborn, the more our demands level were increasing, and we were also getting suborned. Mohamed Morsi and the Brotherhood were challenging our will. Mohamed Morsi said before, during his Presidential Campaign, that if just only 10 people demonstrate against him, he will resign and leave his presidential post immediately! That of course was a big lie and a deceiving statement, just to get more votes!!!

Mohamed Morsi, instead of making reforms and change the government and call for early presidential elections, to really show his own people and the whole world, that he respects his own oath and he respects his own People’s will, and that he really complies with democracy and if his speech was positive, he would have gained the support even of his opponents. But instead, he threatened his own people, he threatened all the official institutions of the countries, as if the whole community in Egypt was his enemy!!! He was determined in making it clear to every body, that it’s either Brotherhood’s Regime or the blood bath and chaos.

Mohamed Morsi was totally disconnected from what was going-on on the real ground in Egypt, and he was always in this status of denial like most of his Brotherhood’s Regime were, lying to the world and claiming that his regime have all the Egyptians support and blessings!

Since the Egyptian Military delivered the Authority to Brotherhood President after the Presidency Elections, the Military were not interfering in political affairs. It is the duty of the Military to interfere in order to protect the country’s national security when it is in danger. The Military were repeatedly calling all political parties including the President and his government to held meetings and conversations and solve all issues in order to meet with people’s demands. The president acted all the way blind and deaf as if the anger in the whole country and the mass protests were happening on Planet Mars and not on the Egyptian territory.

In that specific day, the 2nd of July 2013 and the day which followed, our intentions and plans were, that if Mohamed Morsi was not going to meet with our demands, and if the Egyptian Military was not going to protect our revolution, then they leave us no choice but declaring the war and like Late President Nasser Said:”What was taken by force, would not be restored, except by Force”.

what happened in egypt is not a coup

So suppose that The Egyptian Military just ignored our demands for one reason or another, and in this case it was going to be considered by millions of protesters that the military betrayed his own people, and took the Brotherhood’s Regime side. In this case, our next move was not going to be anything else but real ugly violence against not just Brotherhood regime, but also against the Egyptian Military. This violence I’m talking about here, was going to be the natural and normal reaction of Real Anger, which unfortunately was going to be the weapon that destroys the whole country, including all of us.

Anger was going to blindly lead all the millions of protesters, because living under oppression and humiliation where a regime is applying everything by force against his own people, giving himself the right to act above the law in hijacking executive authorities and have Full and total immunity as a president, that no one has the right to question him, that’s Fascism. Thinking that terrorizing his own people, is the best way to control both the country and the people, is the most stupid ignorant actions any ruler can come up with!

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What exactly the world were expecting from the Egyptian Military on how to handle direct confrontations with millions of angry protesters in the streets?

It was going to be bloody because we were going to turn violent driven by blind anger, there was no other way, there was no other choice. The scene was going to be massacres every where. Millions of Protesters attacking anything and everything which related to Brotherhood Regime, including the Military; Brotherhood Militias were not going to stand and watch of course, but they were going to attack back and they were already heavily armed. Having the Military to the Brotherhood’s side, was going to make the Military as a target for those millions of angry protesters.

The whole scene, was going to be nothing but blood bathes, Muslims killing Muslims, Muslims killing Christians, military fighting military, because the Military then was going to be divided and split to two groups: a group supporting the Minister of Defense’s Bias to the Regime, and another group bias the Egyptian people’s revolution side! Just like the Syrian Scenario!

The next natural step in that scenario, was the existence of  two armies in Egypt: the Regime’s Military and the Free revolutionary Military. Then, we can not forget another important group, which was there already and ready to act and interfere, which is the Terrorists leaders and their terrorist’s elements who got Presidential Pardon from Mohamed Morsi and they were already based in Sinai. Ousted President, in order to protect his Regime when it’s necessary, he made that dirty deal with terrorists organizations including Al-Qaeda, and in return, his personal guarantee to these terrorists that they will live in Egypt and move freely without any supervision from any Egyptian authorities, conditioned that they protect his regime! (Link of revealed recordings and calls between Mohamed Morsi and his Presidential cabinet staff with Al-Qaeda Organization), (Another link revealed recordings, calls and meetings between Muslim Brotherhood Organization with Al-Qaeda Organization blessed and sponsored by Mohamed Morsi and the US)

Egypt was going to be exactly like Syria or even worse, living in blood bath and Sectarian Civil War!!!

So, what was going to be the world’s reaction then? I’m sure they were not going to simply just watch Egypt falling apart, the country which possess the Suez Canal!?  The world and specially the US, were going to definitely interfere in Egypt and of course, it was not because they were fond of the black beauty of our eyes! But they were going to interfere in order to protect their own interests, not only in Egypt, but also in the whole region. And that interference was not going to be soft, it was going to be through Military reactions or Economic Blockade.

I strongly believe that if that civil and sectarian war in Egypt took place at that time, it was going to be the third world war in the whole region!

So now, that we imagined the scenario if the Egyptian Military did not react like they actually did, can a smart someone out there, among those who play that boring Military coup record, explain to a retarded Egyptian third world’s citizen like me, what was it, the world and specially the USA expecting from the Military in Egypt, on how to handle that anger of more than 33 millions Egyptian!?

Another question: What the world’s reaction would be  towards the Egyptian Military, if they took the Brotherhood regime’s side and kill their own people? the answer is simple: See what is happening in Syria, and you will get the answer!!!

The strange thing here, is that According to CNN, the Egyptians who participated on the 30th of June Revolution 2013, exceeded the 30 Million barrier, which was not the case on the 25th of January 2011, the numbers of demonstrators and participants of the 25th of January, at most, did not exceed 4 Million Egyptians! In both the 25th of Jan 2011 and the 30th of June 2013, the Egyptians revolted against their own regimes, and also the Military took his own people’s side in 25/1/2011 and 30/6/2013.

The big question here: Why the US blessed and supported 4 million Egyptians of the 25/1/2011 and did not support and blessed more than 33 Million Egyptian revolted on 30/6/2013? How come, the World and the US considered that it was enough to have 4 millions Egyptians on 25/1/2011 representing the whole population which is 87 Millions, but definitely they did not consider more than 33 Million Egyptians representing 87 Millions! This is really absurd!

It also makes me wonder, if on 30/6/2013, the people who revolted against the regime were just 4 million like they were on 25/1/2011, would anyone out there, consider it a revolution? The World have considered already more than 33 million demonstrators “A COUP”!

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In addition, the US and the whole world, did not support or paid visits to Mobarak Regime and did not ask the Egyptian Government to release him or his regime from Jail, but they acted totally the Opposite in relation to Morsi and Brotherhood Regime, by insisting on releasing Brotherhood from jails, and claiming that the Egyptian Government and Military are crushing Brotherhood! Despite that Brotherhood are locked in jails because they are under trials and wanted for Justice, due to their crimes and corruption during their reign!

If you claim that Morsi was elected Democratically, I will tell you “and so was Mobarak”; and If you claim that Mobarak Regime was forging elections, I will tell you, “and so was The Brotherhood Regime”. Morsi’s elections were not clean and they were forged.

How come that the US and their medias are trying hard to smear the Egyptian Military’s reputation after Military supported our revolution on the 30th of June 2013, while it is the same Military who got blessed by the US, when they protected the 25th of Jan 2011? What’s going on guys?!

Tell you what, whether they consider it a coup or not, right now, we are really fed up of the world’s hypocrisy and barefaced double standard practices in our Middle East Region. Call it a coup, call it a Military Coup, call it whatever you like, but do us a favor and stay away from our internal Egyptian affairs, because we are really running out of patience here towards those big fat liars Politicians in many foreign countries and towards many International News Agencies reporters in Egypt, who are deliberately smearing our revolution and smearing facts of what is really happening in Egypt on the real ground, and who are misleading their International Public Opinions of who’s really terrorizing who in Egypt!

i love you sisi

If all those who are deliberately smearing our revolution and our Military’s reputation to their public opinion, can’t tell the truth about what is happening in Egypt for one reason or another, and they don’t yet realize that they are actually challenging our will and free choices, then they can all enjoy supporting the Muslim Brotherhood International Terrorists Organization who are functioning in more than 80 countries in the whole world.

Egypt is not divided, because if it was divided, the whole world would have seen millions of Egyptians revolting against 30 of June 2013 and supporting Brotherhood Regime and Mohamed Morsi, but have you seen any lately or recently supporting Brotherhood regime, except their armed paid supporters to create chaos in the country!? There is n’t any civil war going on in Egypt, otherwise, I would have not been here sitting on my desk, writing this article. The whole issue is that Egypt is fighting Terrorism called the Muslim Brotherhood International Terrorists Organization.

Mohamed Morsi used to say publicly in his disgusting  speeches:”those who are demonstrating against my regime, are just 10 to 15 people and they are paid and hired to do chaos and to smear my regime’s reputation, I know them by names and I’m keeping an eye on them and they will be put in jail”! (total denial and disconnection from reality and barefaced threatened speech)

Egyptians are not oppressed any more by any authority in Egypt, because they decided since the 25th of Jan 2011, that they are the source of all authorities in the country. So International Medias, stop lying and describing Egypt as divided. Egypt have never been united like it is now and since the 30/6/2013 Revolution. Egypt is fighting Terrorism.

If the US really believe that they have got rid of  Terrorism after 9/11, they are totally mistaken, because believe it or not, the terrorists that your Governments are supporting till this minute in our Middle East Countries, and the terrorists who committed the 9/11 terror attacks in the US, are not done with you yet, they are growing and spreading not only in the United States of America, but also in Europe. At least Egypt got rid of them before it was really going to get worse if we were late in revolting, but you guys, are next on their Agenda! Link of documents issued by Muslim Brotherhood International Organisation in turning the USA to Islamic States, ruled by Islamic Brotherhood Sharia, after destroying the USA from within and the West Civilization. Enjoy your Freedom and Democracy, while you can Folks!

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