Ossama Bin Laden Was A Muslim Brotherhood Member

Ossama Bin Laden was a Muslim Brotherhood Member

Video published on September 27, 2012, was spread through social medias activists two days ago. Video showing Ayman Al-Zawahiri the leader of Al-Qaeda Terrorists Organization confirming that Ossama Bin Laden was a Member in the Muslim Brotherhood Organization.

Al-Zawahiri said:”Ossama Bin Laden was a member in the Muslim Brotherhood Organization. One of the things Bin Laden was charged of on behalf of Muslim Brotherhood Organization, was to transfer money to the Islamist in Lahore Pakistan. Muslim Brotherhood didn’t like that Bin Laden was not obedient to their instructions.

Brotherhood asked Bin Laden not to go to Afghanistan and fight the Russians. Brotherhood told Bin Laden that they didn’t want him to go to Afghanistan because if he will be ever get caught by the Russians, it will create a diplomatic problem between Saudi Arabia and Russia. They also told him some complicated stories which were obviously not the real reason they didn’t want him to go to Afghanistan”.

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The above was the translation of what the Leader of Al-Qaeda said according to the following Video:

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