Preachers Under Muslim Brotherhood Ruling

In Egypt, it feels since the Brotherhood starts to rule, that we were taken to the Middle Dark Ages! Unbelievable, that when the European were living in the dark ages, the Egyptian civilization was moving forward and they were lightening the whole world with their civilization in all fields.
Now in 2013, you see and hear those men who call themselves religious preachers, if you criticize them, they accuse you of  being against  god and Islam! You know this George Bush Junior saying: You either with us or with terrorists! same thing!

Sometimes i would like to ask them: do you guys believe in God? because from what they are saying it sounds like they are god!
They give their own opinion about what should be and what shouldn’t, so it will serve their interests and it has nothing to do with the real Islam. I do not consider them real good moslems, but i consider them traders of religion! because that’s what they are.

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They take advantage of the poor ignorant people, and fill their heads with wrong ideas and believes about our great religion Islam, in order to use them for clapping to the president or to vote in elections and also to keep them poor and ignorant, because they know that if they help in improving those poor people status of living and education, of course they won’t be able to have any control on them.

Our Islam, is a great religion! Those preachers that I talked about, they are mainly the ones who play on the drums for the brotherhood president.

Alazhar is a great lightening for the Islam religion, because Alazhar is the real good image of moslems. They are not extremists like those preachers. And that is why you find brotherhood and their supporters attacking Alazhar great institution.

Do you know what Moslem means? it does n’t mean religion, it means: it is whom people are safe from his tongue and harm. It is all about peace. While Believer means: any one, who believe in god and all his prophets. Unfortunately, many people do not know the difference between a Moslem and a believer.

The world is moving forward! and we are moving backwards!

The world is searching about new technology and modern science and inventions, the world is inventing unbelievable stuff to serve the human being in all fields…And those preachers and their followers here in Egypt, they are arguing about unbelievable issues, like coming out with issues that do not serve anything but more oppression on that creature “human being” that God honored him/her than all his other creatures.

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Anyone who is reading that post, I ask him/her, please do not believe that moslems are barbarians, those who are bad image moslems, they force you to think so, and let me tell you one thing, when I hear about a criminal or a terrible crime committed by any person in the world, i never say, a Christian has committed a crime, but I say a criminal has committed a crime.

Those moslems preachers extremists, they attack other moslems, maybe more than non moslems. Because terror and opression has no religion and no land!

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