Ahmed Maher received commission from US and Israel to apply democracy in Egypt

Political activists or brokers? If someone wants to apply democracy in his country, how much should he accepts to take from a foreign country, in order to apply democracy? Can we buy democracy, does it have a market and a price? Is it ok that we accept money from foreigners and we claim that our goal is to change our country to be better in all aspects?

Ahmed Maher founder of 6 April movement and Ahmed Eid the founder of the national association for change (related to Mohamed Albaradei), discussing in this call recording, how much money and commission, they will be able to get out from the Americans and the Israelis for spreading democracy in Egypt.

Albawaba news, Chief Editor Abd Elrehim Aly published leaked call recording between Ahmed Maher the 6 of April movement founder and Ahmed Eid the founder of the national association for change. They were discussing their commission from Americans and Israilis for spreading democracy in Egypt.

This call exposes the conflicts and the competition between Egyptian political activists in relation to commissions and money and their big efforts to get as much money as possible in return of their role in the 25th of January 2011 conspiracy.

The call revealed that Maher and Eid had a deal with a guy called David Kiz who served in the Israeli Army, section of strategics, to write a book about the 25th of Jan 2011, in order to be sold in US and England in cooperation with Wael Ghoneim (Google manager in the middle east and another Egyptian political activist)

Obviously, Maher and Eid wanted to exclude Wael Ghoneim and get the deal with the Americans and Israeli without Ghoneim’s participation. They feared that Ghoneim was more famous abroad than they were and if he decided to publish the book without their participation, they won’t get their commission from the Americans or the Israeli.

They were also complaining from the way they were treated by the Americans who were very hard negotiators in relation to money and commissions.

Another weird call recording between Maher (6 of April movement founder) and Sofia. 6 of April movement claimed that Sofia is a french journalist, and the reason she was in contact with Maher and the movement, was to held press interviews. She insisted that their meeting to be held in secrecy and the necessity of changing the usual place of meetings, so they will be away from any surveillance. She also urged him for this meeting before “Slobodan” reaches Egypt. Sounded like encrypted name and only both of them knew what this name meant to be. Sofia previous call recordings with 6 of April exposed that she was an agent for foreign NGOS and was instructing 6 of April to do special tasks of spying on Egypt  in return of big amounts of money during and after the 25th of Jan 2011.


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