Witness How USA And The Developed States Violate Protesters Human Rights

The USA and the Developed Countries attack Egypt for issuing Protest law to Organize Protests. Meantime USA and the developed countries violate Human Rights in Protests!

What has been going in Egypt lately has no relation with protests, but it has everything to do with chaos, sabotaging and damaging private and public properties. Paralyzing the economy, destroying all the main sectors of National Income and terrorizing people.

The Egyptian protest law is no difference than the US protest law, it doesn’t take away people’s right of freedom of speech, but it was applied to ask people to respect the law while using their rights in protests.

Is destroying the country became one of protests rights nowadays? Or is it because Egypt didn’t kneel to the US’s pressure and the twisting arms policy since the 30th of June 2013 Revolution which overthrew Muslim Brotherhood Fascist Regime. Now Egypt being attacked and punished for not becoming the US’s slave in obeying the American Master!?

People have the right to express freedom of speech and to protest as long as their protests don’t turn to sabotaging.

This is how the United States of America and the developed countries deal with protests, witness these violations scenes, then come and talk to me about the Egyptian Protest law and lecture me about what is Human and what is Inhuman!

What a disgusting barefaced Double Standard Policy!

The following video show how the USA, Britain, Spain and Israel deal with protests

US violate protest rights, arrest protesters and beating them for carrying signs and occupying Wall Streets!

United Kingdom violate protesters and photographers rights and treat them like terrorists!

British forces brutally beating Iraqi Children Protesters!

Police brutality across Turkey, beating Turkish Protesters!