Miss Universe of the Arab Spring

The Nato invasion and the Americans arrested Saddam Hussein and put him on a ¬†farce trial court and slaughtered him in the first day of Moslems feast which was very deliberately humiliating), to tell all Arabs : The lesson has just started you stupid! Muammar Gaddafi after the Nato Invasion was left to those who call themselves revolutionaries, to be …

Preachers Under Muslim Brotherhood Ruling

In Egypt, it feels since the Brotherhood starts to rule, that we were taken to the Middle Dark Ages! Unbelievable, that when the European were living in the dark ages, the Egyptian civilization was moving forward and they were lightening the whole world with their civilization in all fields. Now in 2013, you see and hear those men who call …

Political Activists

Some of the political activists wear the national dress of their own countries and scream that they are totally against any foreign country interference in their inside affairs; While they ask those same foreign countries to invade their homeland and kill their own military troops with no mercy, so they can enjoy freedom! Tell me about how the Iraqis are …

The Fangs Of the Wolf And The two Brothers

The Fangs which infused in the Arab Nation Skin: If two brothers of one homeland fight against each other for the booty,the wolf comes on their screaming and take the booty.


Don’t get panic if you fall down; But start worrying the minute you are not able to stand up.