Egyptian Shura Council calls for shutting Down The Media And The Egyptian TV

Egyptian Shura Council calls for  shutting  Down The Media And The Egyptian TV, said Members of Shura Council’s (that is acting with full authority as if they are the parliament that speaks on behalf of 90 millions Egyptians) call for a referendum to cancel Egyptian television… Deputy said: God will work against the adoption of the budget that we pay for …

The Policy of Muslim Brotherhood In Ruling Egypt

The Policy of Muslim Brotherhood In Ruling Egypt is based on the Doctrine of “divide and conquer”. On the other hand, always keep Egyptians distracted and busy with religious, economical and political conflicts, in order for the Brotherhood, either to rule the country for ever; and in case they fail, the alternative is to grab, take and run…

The Benefits Of Silence

I thought about how the trees are growing in silence and how the moon, the earth and the sun are moving in silence; then I realized that in order for me to be effective, I need some time to keep silent. Don’t you ever think that my silence is due to ignorance or forgetting, the earth is silent and contains …


If you do not accept to make a friendship with someone unless they do not possess bad qualities, please know that you will never accompany your self.

How To kill Your Enemies

The weapon that kills your enemies and get them down, is to know that you are always fine and that you have never felt better! People just don’t realize the power of words!