Life Is

Life is hard and complicated, but have you ever asked your self, life is hard comparing to what?

We define life based on the situations we are facing, or based on the experiences we are going through…But that’s not a definition for life , it’s a definition based on what your are personally going through in your life.

When you face failures in your life, you don’t really think that you will never learn and change unless you fail.

Training the brain is as important as training your body. Training the brain needs concentrations by excluding any thoughts that can distract you from concentrating on getting over your failures.

You claim that you own a strong personality, this can only be true if you do possess the control on your brain. Personality is not something that can be touched or can be hold with your hands. It is all about your brain and how it functions; It’s all about training your brain to be an action and not a reaction.

Your brain functions automatically like a computer (it’s an issue of actions and reactions), it is the man who created the computer and not the opposite.

A trainer in a circus can have a full control on a wild lion with just a simple trick, but you don’t practice any simple tricks to train your brain.

Man who possess wisdom and depth, got those qualities through deep meditation and reflection. You don’t need to read a research or a book about how to train your brain; Make your own experiment, be creative, you can come up with new thoughts and ideas.

Gå Ned I Vekt Hardworkout Norway.

You may not believe astrologers when they predict the end of the world, but you do believe that it is the end of the world, when you face failures!

If you hate your life every time you face failures, you are exactly then like a person who burn his entire house, because of a cockroach! A wise man said.

When you face failures, don’t say: Oh God I have a big problem; But say: Hey Problem, I have a great God.