How To Eat Less And Lose More Weight

How To Eat Less And Lose More Weight

To eat less and lose more weight, you need to consider the following

– Always reduce the quantities of the food you are eating by cutting the food to small pieces.

-Eat three meals or 5 meals a day and reduce the quantities gradually each time.

-You can eat between meals but make sure to eat only green vegetables like carrots, cucumber, or two pieces of fruit.

-Don’t  eat before going to bed and make sure that the last meal you eat before sleep is 3 hours earlier or a little bit more.

– Stay away from all kind of Soda drinks, like Coke, Pepsi…etc all those drinks are Sugar Bomb!

– Make sure to drink only fresh Juice with no sugar or any conservative materials.

– Drink a lot of water daily because water helps in getting rid of body fat.

– Don’t drink water after or in the middle of your meal; Drink water before eating at least half an hour earlier.

– Before you eat your lunch make sure to eat green salad because green salad contains less calories than any other kind of food.

– Avoid standing up while you are eating because if you eat while standing, you eat more quantities and on a hurry than when you are sitting. Also your body won’t realize actually the quantities of food you are eating, till your brain gives signals to your body and this takes longer time to give signals to stop eating while standing than while sitting.

– Shew your food slowly in order to enjoy your meal and it is easier for the brain to give signals to your body when exactly to stop eating and also to help your stomach to easier digest your food.

– Stay away from junk and fast food and snacks like crackers, salty snacks because they are the worst food you can get into your stomach and it won’t do anything to your body but gaining extra weight.

– Of course exercising like walking or body workouts are very important, not only to lose weight but to keep your body in a good shape. If you are not into any of the workouts or walking, then at least make sure to stay away from sitting all time feeling lazy in using life luxuries.

-If you feel that you are hungry in the wrong time that you are not suppose to eat, drink either water or a glass of cold skimmed milk and you will feel full.

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